Monday, April 4, 2011

Final Fantasy is a lot like U2

Its so easy to hate on U2 these days. Each album seems to be more overblown and more full of itself than the last. No Line on the Horizon wasn't by any means a bad album, but compared to what we would normally expect from U2, it was a huge letdown. That being said, each U2 album is hell of a lot better than half the crap that floods the market these days, and no matter how lame the latest album may be, I'll always give U2 one more chance. I grew up with U2, they were my first music obsession, so I really can never bring myself to hate them.

That being said, I can hate on Final Fantasy XIII and XIV all I want, but I'm still going to play just about any game with Final Fantasy slapped in the title. Thirteen seemed like it was dumbed down (gameplay and story) and spiced up with pretty graphics trying to reach a wider audience; an RPG crowd that didn't exist. I haven't played 14, but from what I gather, that was a clusterfuck in a dimension that we just don't live in. But I've played all of the Final Fantasies (minus 11) up to this point and I pretty much loved them. Final Fantasy was simply a series that shaped my childhood so you could say I would pre-emptively forgive any shortcomings the series would have (and guess where I learned the word "pre-emptive", yeah).

So to me, Final Fantasy is a lot like U2. I know all of the jokes and I understand the complaints against them. They were extremely influential in the past and that's pretty much the reason why reaction to them is so polarized nowadays.


  1. Same here, Final fantasy XIV is dumbed down. Still going to play it.

  2. i like your blog. keep up the good work

  3. Gave up on like 10 or 11 lol

  4. wow i never thought of this before